Monopoly Slots

Introduction To Monopoly Slots By Electronic Arts Inc

I stand to be corrected but I do not think there is a mobile slots gaming app that can ever be compared to this Monopoly Slots which has been built by Electronic Arts Inc which also doubles up as the sole reseller of the game.

The part that catches my attention with the Monopoly Slots is its ability to allow me to be able to entertain myself by playing with people like past Pharaohs of Egypt and even to take up characters from the well known Aladdin. This is why I always say that this is the best slot gaming app that I have ever played and I do not think that I will ever delete it from my mobile device.

Monopoly Slots

If I decide to just sit and enjoy my time playing this game without writing a review for you all to know what this game brings to the table, a lot of you out there will be deceived into downloading very sloppy and at the same time crappy slot games. This is why I have decided to let you also know that this is the best game that you can ever download onto your mobile device.

The best part is that there is no premium side to this game and so you get to download it for free without paying anything. It is also the only slot gaming app that I have downloaded which offers in-app purchases but at the same time gives you the choice of being able to disable the purchases in the Settings section.

Features of Monopoly Slots

This game offers the ideal feature of a player being able to go back in time in order to play one-on-one with ancient characters like the Pharaohs of Egypt and even stand to win each and every one of Aladdin’s priceless treasures.

With the Monopoly Slots, there are a lot of avenues through which coins can be won. This is made possible through the provision of so many mini games which gives players the chance to win more coins and add to your earnings.

This game also comes with so many slots machines which mean that you will never ever get tired or bored of playing on any of those reels. With more slots, the fun just keeps getting better and better every single day.

The graphics on the Monopoly Slots are of the best quality and you will only get such things when you are playing any of those games where you have to purchase it before you will be able to even download the game itself.

There is also the great feature of purchasing chips and other things through the in-app purchasing tab. This can however be disabled at the Settings if you do not want to make any purchases.

Monopoly Slots Overall

The main advantage of this game to me is that it is free to download and comes with daily bonuses which all help in making sure that you do spend quality time playing the game. The excitement and fun that I get from playing this Monopoly Slots can never be explained and I have just fallen in love with everything about the game which is why I am giving it 5 stars.


  • New slots added regularly
  • Social media integration
  • Daily play bonuses


  • Sometimes small payouts
  • Ads
  • Recent bug fixes


Popularity - 9.2
Stability - 8.9
Entertainment - 9.2
Graphics - 9
Audio - 8.6