Path of the Wizard Review

Path of the Wizard Pokie by Microgaming

Path of the Wizard Online Video Slots Game is one of the newer games from Microgaming. The company, which remains one of the most popular pokies designers on the Internet today is always looking for ways to switch it up and to provide new forms of gameplay. Path of the Wizard Online Video Slots Game is one that delivers the fantasy element to those who really enjoy this sort of a story. Now, this is not something that is going to be perfect for everyone, but for anyone who enjoy exploring their imagination through fantasy while playing the different pokies games online, this is a great option to check out.

Path of the Wizard Pokie

Features of Path of the Wizard

The Path of the Wizard Online Video Slots Game uses the standard five reel, 25 pay line game play method. Due to this, for anyone who has played pokies before, there should be no problem picking it up and learning how to play the game. It is straight forward and doesn't differ much from what other online slots offer. With Path of the Wizard Online Video Slots Game, it does nave some nice features, ranging from the wild symbol and bonus game to a multiplier option and scatter symbol. Just about everything someone might want can be found in the game, outside of a progressive jackpot. The max bet side is a penny, so those people who either want to keep their bets low or are just playing the game more for fun than anything else should enjoy this gaming option . It does have a max coins per pay line bet of 10, which means someone betting per pay line the maximum amount can top off at $250 per spin. Now, there are many people who play the game that believe the faster they play the game the more likely they are going to log off as a winner. For those individuals, there is an autoplay option as well, so they can simply walk away from the computer and let the game continue to run.

Path of the Wizard Overall

Overall, the Path of the Wizard Online Video Slots Game game is a great game to play for someone who enjoys the slot style of game but is looking to play it online. Outside of maybe then progressive jackpot, there is nothing a player is not going to like. It is rather straight forward to play the game as the buttons for all the gameplay are right at the bottom of the screen. The “Spin” option is right in the lower, right hand corner and is the largest button of all the buttons, so there is no problem finding it. It is also easy enough to switch on the Auto Play and set the number of spins for the game to run on this auto feature. From there, the number of lines, coins per line and bet amount all have individual buttons, so even for someone who is new to playing an online slots game, Path of the Wizard Online Video Slots Game is a great option to check out and to really get into. As long as they are into fantasy, this is the right game.


  • Features Wild and Scatter symbols
  • Has a bonus game
  • Wide betting range


  • Max jackpot isn't extremely high at 2500
  • No progressive jackpot


Graphics - 8
Audio - 8
Gameplay - 7
Volatility - 6