Price is Right Slots

Introduction To The Price Is Right Slots By Ludia Inc

I know that I have played a lot of casino games before but what I can say is that none of those can be compared to this game known as the Price is Right Slots developed by Ludia Inc as sit surpasses all the other games when it comes to overall performance. This is a game that I chanced upon whilst checking the various casino games on Google Play and I have since then always remained thankful for the little voice that urged me to download. This is due to the fact that this game has remained my favourite game since I downloaded it.

Price is Right Slots

The feeling is just awesome whenever I get the price right and see that blinking message “The Price is right”. I thought such fun and excitement could only be realised only when one goes into any of the numerous real time casinos in town but this game has proved to me that it is never like that and does not have to be so. Now I do not have to travel and spend money all in the name of trying to have some fun in the casino. The Price is Right Slots gaming app has made it possible for me to be able to have that kind of fun and excitement right inside my palms.

I do not think that I will be able to play on all the slot machines that are made available by the Price is Right Slots gaming app but the few ones that I have tried have really lived up to my expectations and I am very confident that you will never be disappointed when you download this game.

Features of the Price is Right Slots

The Price is Right Slots gaming app comes with a variety of pricing game titles. With game titles like Three Strikes and Cliff Hanger, the fun just keeps getting better.

The Price is Right Slots also boasts of having the ultimate and widely sought after Big Wheel. This is where most of the biggest winnings come from and when you get the chance to play on the Big Wheel you will then understand what I am saying.

The Big Wheel Time is where you can really earn your biggest winnings and it is something that I have been looking out for since I last won some time on it.

This game also comes with one of the perfect and awesome graphics I have ever seen in my entire life. It goes on to show how the developers took their time to come out with this powerful game. Putting the graphics aside, one is also greeted with the best sound quality that a game can boast of and you really need to play it before you can understand it.

The Price is Right Slots Overall

I will give the game 5 stars mainly because of the high quality images and animations coupled with its powerful sound quality. On the part of how exciting and fun it is to play, you need to find out for yourself as there aren’t many words that can describe it.


  • Social media integration
  • Fun graphics
  • Familiar games from the TV show


  • Have to unlock new slot machines
  • Winning takes patience and skill

Great Game

Popularity - 9
Stability - 8.7
Entertainment - 9.1
Graphics - 9.1
Audio - 8.8