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Privacy Policy Last Updated 16/06/2015


Our visitor’s privacy is a top concern of ours.  We have a commitment to privacy transparency and wish to notify our visitors of the use of cookies on this site.  While we do not directly ask for private information from our visitors, some cookies may be used to collect statistical data which may include IP address, global location and other browser specific data.  This data is temporarily stored on a server in New Zealand for statistical analysis of visitor usage.  Other aspects of the site such as the follow button may store cookie data on our reader’s devices to be recalled upon on a return visit.  This data is used to assist in the customized aspects of the site.

Bonuses and promotions offered by third party services connected by our service will require the use of cookies.  Information is sent to those 3rd parties to ensure that the exclusive or non-exclusive bonus or promotion is applied correctly to the reader’s account on the 3rd party site.

Questions regarding our privacy policy may be addressed to

Our policies including our privacy policy, may change without any prior notification.

Several browsers offer additional security and private data transfer blocking and modification.

More information about browser safety, security and privacy may be found at the following:

Safari / Apple:
Visit for information regarding controls for privacy.

Mozilla and Firefox: 
Visit for information regarding controls for privacy.

Microsoft Internet Explorer
Visit for information regarding controls for privacy.

Chrome / Google : 
Visit for information regarding controls for  privacy for that browser.
The privacy of email correspondence is not within our control and will adhere to the policies of Yahoo in regards to email privacy.