Rock Climber Slots

Rock Climber Slots – App Review

Rock Climber Slots by Duskel Corp is simple game from a developer who focuses mainly on casino and puzzle type games. Duskel Corp are known for their vibrant graphics and easy to understand gameplay, and this is another great example of a fun and simple game.

Rock Climber Slots

Rock Climber offers players 5 reels with 9 pay lines to enjoy in this classic slot format to help your little Mountaineer reach the top. The symbols fit the mountaineering theme of the game and represent all of the tools of the trade. There are rocks, ropes, axes, tents, grappling hooks, crampons, helmets, and even an elusive Yeti features in the lines of the game. The graphics are super clean and easy on the eyes.

Rock Climber also helps players along the way by providing instructions and tips for gameplay. That is one of the nice things about this game – they actually help you to win and learn the game along the way rather than just assuming you only enjoy watching the reels spin.

Within Rock Climber Slots is also a risk game where you have the chance to double your winnings by playing a card game against the dealer where you have to blindly pick a higher card to earn more money. You can continue pressing your luck as long as you keep winning, or choose to cash out and collect your earnings. There is also a bonus game which pairs nicely with the rock climbing theme. In the bonus game, you break open valuable crystals to reveal the prizes inside to help you build your fotune

Overall, it is not a super advanced game like some others on the market today, but it is very well done and simple to understand. Because hey, not everyone is looking for something super complex and challenging. This is a great way to take a break from the real world and play a game or two.


  • Great graphics
  • Instructions and Tips Provided


  • Very Basic Format
  • Not A Lot of Variety in Gameplay
  • Less advanced than others on the market


Popularity - 5
Stability - 5
Entertainment - 6
Graphics - 6
Audio - 5