Roulette 2014 Vegas Wheels

Roulette 2014 Vegas Wheels App Review

Roulette 2014 Vegas Wheels Roulette 2014 Vegas Wheels is a free Roulette casino themed game. Roulette is based off of a European casino game.

This famous and popular casino game's name derives from a French word that translates to mean little wheel. This game brings the casino to anyone's mobiles iphone or ipad.

People who love to play this popular casino game will absolutely love to play Roulette 2014 Vegas Wheels. This game is fun at a casino on the go wherever you are. You can play this game anywhere, and enjoy Vegas fun right on the iphone or ipad.

This game will give people the thrill that comes with playing Roulette at a Vegas Casino. Winning on this game is easier than ever, simply spin the little wheel. This Vegas style game was developed by Nicolo Consonni.

Roulette 2014 Vegas Wheels
The developer Nicolo Consonni specializes in developing fun and entertaining Vegas games that are based on popular games that are found in the Vegas Casinos! Roulette 2014 Vegas Wheels is an innovated way to play the popular Roulette game found in all Las Vegas Casinos.

Roulette 2014 Vegas Wheels is free and available for download on the iTunes Apple Store. There is no charge affiliated with this game, simply download it and it is ready to be played at any time. There are no in- app purchases to make in the game, and the game has no in- app advertising at all. So playing ad free without interruption is possible!

The gameplay is very simple just choose to place bets on selected numbers. The numbers can be just a single one numbers, or a variety of numbers. The colors on the wheel are either black or red. The color of the number is determined on if the number is even or odd. The winning number is selected by spinning the wheel.

After the wheel has been spin the ball is spin in the opposite direction. The ball is spun on a track that runs around the circumference of the wheel. Whichever number the ball lands on wins! Roulette 2014 Vegas Wheels really brings the Vegas Casino to the mobile device, and everyone who loves Vegas Casinos will surely love this game.


  • Simple layout, easy to use
  • High entertainment value


  • Graphics are okay
  • More suitable for larger screens


Popularity - 7.8
Stability - 7.5
Entertainment - 8
Graphics - 6.8
Audio - 6.8