Roulette Arena

Roulette Arena Casino App Review

Roulette Arena is a free multiplayer casino game app. It is known as one of the world’s most popular games, and now the app makes multiple players an option to users. Created by LazyLand LTD, it is an addicting game that captivates gamblers and casino game lovers.

The game’s tagline is, “The world's most thrilled casino game is now multiplayer.” Most Roulette app games are single player only; however, Roulette Arena takes it a step further and adds a live element that makes this game stand apart.

Players can make bets and play against other skilled opponents. Family members and friends also have the options to play against one another to see who will win. Roulette Arena makes the play of the game realistic, and essentially “live.” Roulette players can test their skills against one another and rise to the top of the ranks.

Roulette Arena

App Features

The app offers users many different features. Users can experience an array of game modes, colorful and realistic graphics, mini games of Roulette, power-ups and boosts, and many other fun features.

The app is available in the iTunes App Store for free. But it relies on paid advertising and offers several in-app purchases. Purchases include 125,000 Chips for $4.99, 10 Diamonds for $1.99, 300,000 Chips for $10.99, 30 Diamonds for $3.99, and 2,000,000 for $44.99. Prices range for players interested in starting small or making a big investment. Players do not have to pay in order to play, but it is an option for serious players.

More Game Detail

The new game is enhanced with enticing graphics and a friendly user experience. The current version is 1.5.5. The latest update fixed minor bugs on May 7, 2015. One of the best things about the app is that LazyLand LTC welcomes users to provide suggestions and feedback to continually update their game.

It requires 50.9 MB of space. The current version is optimized for the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus. However, it is also compatible with the iPod Touch and iPad Mini. It requires iOS 6 or later in order to run.

The game is rated 12+ in the iTunes App Store because it simulates intense and frequent gambling practices. In addition, it is only available in English.


  • Colorful visual display
  • Various money options


  • Free version contains ads
  • Only in English

Great Game

Popularity - 8.5
Stability - 7.6
Entertainment - 7.8
Graphics - 8.3
Audio - 8