Roulette Calculator

Roulette Calculator Casino App Review

The casino can be an extremely exciting place filled with eye-catching sights and ear-catching sounds. Players can be captivated by all of the excitement and lose themselves in all of the distractions. This can be great for players that are just hoping to get away from it all, but players that are hoping to be successful in their games can be seriously hurt by these distractions. In particular, while playing roulette, it is extremely easy to lose track of your bet and your potential payout.

While it is rare for a casino to be actively trying to pay you less than your bet, accidents can happen. This is especially true in roulette where often times your bets will be multiplied by as much as thirty. Players have long struggled to find a way to keep up with their potential payouts, but with the increase in the number of smartphones, many apps have emerged to help users keep up with their potential payout. Roulette Calculator is one app that is designed to ensure that you always know what your payout is supposed to be.

Roulette Calculator

Roulette Calculator is an app in the Apple App Store that was designed by RyanTCB. The designers of this app were trying to make gambling at the casino or online much easier. They designed the app with a simple one page interface. The interface requires users to enter how much they bet in chips. The application then asks you to click on the bets that you made. These bets include straight ups, splits, streets, corners, and six lines. After entering everything into the calculator the app will quickly tell you how much the payout should be if you win. This payout will be given to you in both cash and chips.

Roulette Calculator is an extremely high quality app for those that are heading to the casino. The app is designed to work extremely well on a wide variety of different iOS devices. The app is also extremely easy to use. While the app may appear to be simple this actually is a major advantage.

When trying to work an app in a busy casino, it is actually preferable to have a simple and easy to use app so that you can calculate your potential winnings quickly. If you are looking to stay on your A game throughout your time in the casino, then you absolutely have to check out Roulette Calculator today.


  • Designed to improve player skill
  • Very simple to use


  • Not many extra functions
  • Does not predict odds


Popularity - 7.5
Stability - 8.2
Entertainment - 7.2
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7.6