Roulette+ Casino App


There are many exciting roulette games available on the PC, as well as on smartphones, but many of these games are extremely graphics intensive. These games can be quite beautiful and intriguing, but they can also wear down your battery.

In a world where the battery on your phone is an extremely important resource, you may not want to choose to use an extremely graphical intense game that will drain your battery. If you are looking to find a game that gives you the rush of the game of roulette, while taking it easy on your battery, then you absolutely have to check out Roulette+.

Roulette +

Roulette+ was designed by 15software, and is sold in the iTunes app store for free. The game features one round circle that is divided into as many as 12 different segments. These segments are multiple colors, so that you can easily pick out any differences in the segments.

Players are allowed to pick how many numbers they want to see show up on the board, and they can then pick a number that they believe the spinner will land on. After spinning around the spinner will either land or the number or not. While this game is certainly not the prettiest version of roulette on the market today, the game is definitely a major asset to those that worry about their battery.

Roulette+ offers a wide variety of different functions for those that prefer a different roulette app. One major use that you can get out of this popular app is to use it as a random number generator. Random number generators are a major asset on any phone as they can be used to settle arguments and to help make decisions. This app will let you randomly select a number from between one and twelve in a way that is extremely exciting. You can also use this game as a replacement for missing spinners and dice in board games.

While Roulette+ does not feature the most interesting graphics, it does have several solid purposes. You are sure to enjoy using this app to prevent yourself from losing battery.


  • Fun to bet with friends
  • Pop up ads in app


  • Not a true roulette game
  • No social media integration


Popularity - 6.8
Stability - 7.5
Entertainment - 7.1
Graphics - 6.9
Audio - 7