Roulette Casino Pharaoh Fun Wheel

Roulette Casino Pharaoh Fun Wheel Casino App Review

Roulette is one of the most exciting games in the world of casino games. Players are drawn in by the flashing lights and all of the excitement. While the game can be extremely exciting for players, but it can be difficult to find ways to enjoy the excitement of the game without going to a casino. While Roulette is enjoyable, if you love roulette, then you are likely frustrated by the lack of access to a casino in your area. If you are looking for a way to capture the excitement of Roulette on your mobile phone, then you likely have been frustrated in recent years. Many different apps have attempted to give players the excitement they seek from a game of Roulette, but rarely have these apps been successful.

Now, Roulette Casino Pharaoh Fun Wheel seeks to solve this problem by offering players a high quality roulette simulator for players to enjoy.

Roulette Casino Pharoah Fun Wheel
Roulette Casino Pharaoh Fun Wheel Games for Free was designed by Ebony Burwell and is part of the Game Center family of games. This game was available for iOS devices, and the game is available through the iTunes App Store. This app is built around the theme of the ancient Egyptians. The theme is emphasized by a background that features the pyramid and several Pharaohs. The game features a roulette board that works much like a conventional roulette board. Players are allowed to bet their virtual currency on the roulette boards and try their luck. The game is extremely exciting, and players are sure to love playing this game.

Roulette Casino Pharaoh Fun Wheel offers several unique features. While there are many different casino games on the market today, there are very few games that allow players to track their progress against other players. This game features an extremely exciting leaderboard that will let you track how you are doing in comparison to players across the world. The game also feature extremely high quality graphics that draw players into the game. Overall, the features of this game are extremely high quality features that draw players into the game.

Overall, Roulette Casino Pharaoh Fun Wheel – Best Sphinx Las Vegas Style Jackpot Games Free is an extremely high quality app for those that love roulette.


  • Cool player interaction
  • High quality design


  • Updates are needed
  • Not the best graphics


Popularity - 8.2
Stability - 7.8
Entertainment - 8.5
Graphics - 6.8
Audio - 6.8