Roulette Casino Pro

Roulette Casino Pro App Review

Roulette Casino Pro is a mobile casino style roulette game which was developed by The App Builder. The makers of this game aimed to bring to life the true casino experience on mobile devices that are compatible with the app store. You can play Roulette Casino Pro on any Apple Store enabled device that is at or above 7.0 with the new Apple OS. Roulette Casino Pro has all of the features of similar type games but is much more user friendly and fun to play compared to many of its freemium counterparts. Why don't we take a look at Roulette Casino Pro and see if it is a good fit for the average mobile casino roulette player.

Roulette Casino Pro
Roulette Casino Pro Summary

This game was developed by The App Builder which is a very popular group that designs and sells numerous types of online mobile casino games as well as more traditional games. Roulette Casino Pro brings every facet of the casino roulette experience directly to your mobile device. The theme of the game is standard casino glitz and glamour. Imagine that you are walking into a Las Vegas gaming establishment and putting a bet down. With the high end graphics and easy to use interface this game pretty accurately imitates the casino experience- as much as it can be imitated on a screen at least. The game has lots of flashing lights and bells and whistles and truly evokes the spirit of a high rolling casino somewhere in the desert.

Roulette Casino Pro Details

Unlike many offerings in this sphere Roulette Casino Pro is not a free game or freemium. In order to download the app you must pay .99 cents. Fortunately you get a great deal for that measly dollar. In many other similar games you have to constantly bug your friends and family for extra chips to play by using an invite system or you have to pay using real money to get play chips. In Roulette Casino Pro you have an unlimited amount of chips and an unlimited amount of spins so you never run out. There is also a great feature which has a worldwide leader board which allows you to track your progress in the game relative to other players. While Roulette Casino Pro is not exactly the same as placing a roulette bet at the table it comes very close and it is worth picking up if you are into casino gaming on the go.


  • Awesome graphics
  • Amazing design and layout


  • App is not free
  • Not recommended for beginner players

Great Game

Popularity - 8.3
Stability - 8.1
Entertainment - 8.8
Graphics - 8
Audio - 8