Roulette Casino Sexy Lady

Roulette Casino Sexy Lady App Review

The new game Roulette Casino Sexy Lady is available now available as a free download for all Apple products running iOS 6.0 or higher on iTunes for anyone over the age of 17. The theme of the game is simulated gambling, therefore requiring an age restriction. Able to be played on iPhone, iPad, iPod and computers, gamblers everywhere can spin the wheel for luck. The developer Abhishek Sharma in conjunction with HyadesApps has created many HD games in other categories.

The player places their bet against the house by laying down chips on the table on the number of their choice on red or black. Only one inside or outside bet can be placed at once, as a player cannot bet one inside and one outside on the same spin. There are maximum amounts for inside and outside bets, and no player can go beyond that bet limit per spin.

Roulette Casino Sexy Lady
Once a bet is placed, the Spin button will become active and the button will be able to be touched to start the game. Once the ball has settled into a colored number on the wheel, all bets are paid.

The tally area on the left side of the screen shows the most recent results of the spin, allowing a player to keep track of the numbers and colors that have won. All bets that win are settled, while losing bets are cleared off the screen.

The Re-Bet button allows the game to place the same bet repeatedly for the player when hit, based on the last bet amount and location. Vibrant colors and easy to read boards for betting allow a player to tap the exact location for the bet.

The Payoff Table is easy to read and shows the exact payout for each type of bet placed. This table includes inside and outside bets, with the highest payout being for inside bet of one number being 35 to 1.

Released in February 2015, the 1.0 version was updated to 1.0.1 a month after release. This update included updating the Bet Type table and optimizing for iPhone 5 and for use on iOS 6.0.


  • Nice visual appeal
  • Easy design for all players


  • Limited bet functions
  • Smaller screens will hinder touch gameplay


Popularity - 7.6
Stability - 7.4
Entertaiment - 8
Graphics - 7.5
Audio - 7.5