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Roulette Free Casino App Review

Roulette is a very classic European Casino Game. This app is an original take on the very popular classic European Casino Game. The Roulette Free game is a very entertaining classic casino game that promises hours of continuous fun. This game truly brings the feel and energy of an European Casino to the iphone and ipad. Winning chips is very easy, and this game is simple but amazing.

Roulette Free App Review

The replication of the popular and famous beloved Roulette casino game is outstanding. This game will impress anyone who plays it, and of course loves the classic Roulette casino game. The developer of this fine game is none other than Maui Media Lab. Maui Media Lab has designed countless games that are available for download on the iTunes Apple Store. Maui Media Lab specializes in creating games that are unique, and meant to entertain the consumers who play the game.

Roulette Free is an original take on the famous European Casino Game. The game is a very classic Roulette Game that now has an amazing Table Top Roulette. This game comes complete with 20,000 simulated chips that are authentic virtually. Also, the amazing high resolution sound effects, and the graphics make this game a show- stopper.

In addition, the wheel looks as realistic as the actual Roulette wheel that is found in the casinos. The Roulette Game has recently been updated, and the new version now comes with simulated real chips that are worth up to $500.00 in the real world. Roulette- Free is a free of charge app available to download on the iTunes Apple Store. Roulette Free is no trouble to download, and does not cost a penny out of anyone's wallet. It is not paid app, and may possibly contain some in- app advertising.

Also, the Roulette Free app does not have any in- app purchases that can be made. The game is free, and requires no payment. Roulette- Free is surely the best new take on the classic European Casino Game that will thrill everybody, and bring them to the European Casinos through their phone or mobile device!


  • Simple gameplay for all players
  • Good graphics and sounds


  • No in-app extra features
  • May contain ads

Great Game

Popularity - 8.5
Stability - 8.2
Entertainment - 7.8
Graphics - 8
Audio - 8