Roulette! iOS App

Roulette! Casino App Review

Roulette! is a casino application for gamblers who love the game. The app is developed to enable players make the right decisions and win money. The aim of the game is to select the lucky number that will be revealed on Roulette wheel. Players can place multi-bets of numbers, select a color, predict even or odd. Roulette wheels are of two types; European wheel with 37 slots from 0-36, and the American wheel with 38 numbers. The software of this game has been developed by I use rock. The game was first introduced in France in 18th century. Modern day format of this game was introduced back in 19th century.

Roulette! App Review

App Features

The game has a layout of two betting places. The inner betting area has individual numbers while the outer area has boxes for the red/black, columns and even/odd as well as various groups of numbers. The inside area has numbers arranged in 12 rows each with three numbers to form three columns. On top of these columns is single zero and double zero. Players are supposed to buy unique Roulette chips when you start to play. Players are given different color chips to avoid disputes between them. Players are supposed to pay in order to place their bets.

The app is able to save all data, thus helping players to track their results with ease but casino roulette will only show 15 results. The table has limits on which players can place their bets. It's not possible to combine inside and outside bets in order to meet minimum bet. A player can place straight up bet on one single number and it can pay 35 to 1.Split bet involve two numbers and will pay 17 to 1.

More Game Details

The app has lots of bets for gamblers to play. The inside layout has several bets like double street, straight up, split, street, corner and basket bets all with different pay outs. Similarly, the outside layout has a number of bets like red black odd and even, column and dozen bets. Dealers ensure the wheel is moving throughout even between spins. They normally spin the ball opposite the wheel hence causing the ball to jump and then spin before it land on one of the numbers. The dealer will mark the lucky number and a player cannot place another bet until the mark is removed. Players may think the game is an automatic win but it's very tricky.


  • Tracks game results for players
  • Impressive layout


  • Mediocre visuals
  • Limited betting options


Popularity - 7.8
Stability - 8.2
Entertainment - 8
Graphics - 6.8
Audio - 7