Roulette Multiplayer

Introduction To Roulette Multiplayer By App Street Software Private Limited

This game is one amazing casino gaming app to ever grace the world of mobile simulator games. The first time that I logged in, I got totally swept off my feet by the sheer design and quality of the pictures that I saw. It also comes with clear casino sounds which all help to make the experience as real as you can ever imagine.

Although I really did made a mockery of myself the first time that I played this game on my device, but it was not due to the difficult nature of player the game. However, I messed up because I was so overtaken by the intuitiveness of the game and how amazing the whole game had been set up and not because of the difficulty involved in playing it as it is good for both an entry level player and those who have gained a lot of experience in playing such games. This means that there is no rookie when it comes to playing the roulette multiplayer.

Roulette Multiplayer

Unlike a lot of the other roulette games that I have played, this Roulette Multiplayer does not go with the idea of just a single table for all the games. It has up to five tables which are provided to help you move up the experience ladder in playing this game.

Although I have never been to any of the casinos in Las Vegas, the Roulette Multiplayer by App Street Software Private Limited beats the experience of stepping into any of the so-called casino in the area where I stay.

Features of Roulette Multiplayer

These are the very things that were able to endear the game to my heart as they made me feel like I was really a part and parcel of whatever was going on in the game. I will try and be very brief about the features as going into details will just take the shine off the game itself. Some of the features include the following;

There are over four different gaming tables where you can decide to have fun and with each of them you are taken to the exact level that you are comfortable with so that you can work your way up the experience ladder.

The Roulette Multiplayer has more than twenty classic casino games available.

Earning chips on the Roulette Multiplayer is so easy when compared to other similar apps as there are free chips and bonus chips to be won at whatever table you decide to have fun on.

One other amazing feature is that there is the option of playing either on your own or as part of a group of players. This means you can send invitations to all your friends and partake in a fun-filled competition with them.

There also is the feature of getting your scores rated alongside all the other players. This helps you to know your position when it games to the gurus of the game.




Roulette Multiplayer Overall

The game really have one of the best user interface around and with a lot of ways to earn free coins, the fun just doesn’t end. Picture quality is something that rocks shoulders with the best in the HD. However, you have to be actively logged in so as to earn the free bonuses.

On the whole, Roulette Multiplayer is peerless in the midst of all similar apps.


  • Single or Multiplayer action
  • European and American formats
  • Great application for practice
  • Multiple types of casino games


  • Limited bonus options

Great Game

Popularity - 8
Stability - 8.1
Entertainment - 7.9
Graphics - 8.1
Audio - 8