Roulette Predictor LITE

Roulette Predictor LITE App Review

As the name of the app implies, this is an app designed to predict the results from a game like roulette. As most people know, games like roulette are designed for the people that have these games to make money. Not the player who spends money and will sadly lose it in most cases. But this app by Matt Cowlin promises to even the odds. Use Roulette Predictor LITE to make a profit instead of losing it all in this chance game.

Roulette Predictor Lite App Review

App Features

Mathematics was used against players to drain them of their wealth. This app uses math to help players avoid heavy losses and make a profit from gambling in roulette. Using advance algorithms to predict the odds, users of this app can even the playing fields and potentially make the winning bet. This system promises to do all the calculations for the app user to guide the user to more money by a simple and easy to understand graphic user interface. Words are also used to help explain certain aspects and to better understand how to use the app and decide to keep playing or cut losses.

More Game Detail

Roulette Predictor LITE by Matt Cowlin is a free app listed under utilities in the app store. It was released last year on November 25, 2014. The current version of this app is 2.2.1. English is necessary in understanding and operating the app. But judge the pictures on the app's store page. The iPad screenshots show how clear the information is represented in this app. Most of the information is displayed using graphics. Numbers can be understood by simply knowing the rules of the game. Also readers of this article probably can read English so this single language design choice shouldn't be a problem.

This app received is rated 12+. Meaning mostly anyone can play the game without worry of violence. It received this rating because of the nature of the app. The app is built around gambling and replicates it.

Keep in mind that this app requires iOS 6.0 and later versions. It is compatible with those versions on the iPad.


  • Improves player skill
  • User-friendly design and gameplay


  • Requires current iOS software
  • English only


Popularity - 7.8
Stability - 7.6
Entertainment - 7.5
Graphics - 7.8
Audio - 7.9