Roulette Pro 3.0

Roulette Pro 3.0 Casino App Review

The game of roulette has been a great way for lovers of chance to tickle their fancy but with modern lifestyle demands, it is nearly impossible to find time for a good old game. Thankfully, the internet has brought so many possibilities to the table including a chance to play favourite games using apps. This possibility made Fausto Riccardo Decina so happy that he had to develop the Roulette Pro Game for avid fans of the game who have no time to go to the casino.

The app allows you to enjoy a simulated gaming experience from an iOS device that you prefer. It has high ratings on reviews by users who have already tried it. Roulette Pro 3.0 has exciting features like real time delays for various combinations including: red, even, black and odd, 1 to 18 dozens, columns and sestina to mention a few. The game sells for 20.99 dollars which is a small price to pay for the entertainment that awaits you. You will have to download the 23.2MB app on your iOS 5-or later-device so that you can start the patch to unlimited roulette experience.

Roulette Pro 3
The game’s outstanding appearance is great for users who are keen on good aesthetics as they play. The warning on delays is an exciting feature of this game that alerts the players when established delay time on a combination is about to run out so that they can play in time. This feature does not interfere with other aspects of the game as it is an individual's decision to start playing.

The third version of Roulette Pro has extra features for those who want to push themselves much further. Regular roulette is configured as ‘Rogue' and ‘Noir' in this version for those seeking more variety with the game. The game comes in English, which is great news for a large part of the iOS community. Roulette Pro Lite is another app by the same developer for those who do not mind fewer combinations. There is certainly more that Fausto Riccardo has to offer but meanwhile, we enjoy the great Roulette Pro he brought us.


  • Awesome visuals and sounds
  • Exciting gameplay design


  • Not for beginners
  • English only


Popularity - 8
Stability - 7.5
Entertainment - 7.3
Graphics - 7.8
Audio - 7.8