Roulette Real Casino-style

Roulette Real Casino-style App Review

Roulette Real Casino-style is a 2014 release of a free to play mobile online roulette casino game designed and released by AppsRival. This fantastic roulette sim allows you to play your favorite table game when and where you want. While Roulette Real Casino-style is currently a free app that does not mean it is lacking in fun or features. This game will appeal to a broad variety of people- from casino fans to casual gaming enthusiasts. In the following review of Roulette Real Casino-style we will go over the features of the game alongside some of the more important details you should know before downloading and playing this roulette sim.

Roulette Real Casino Style

Roulette Real Casino-style Summary

This game was released in the second half of 2014 by the folks over at AppsRival. This company has released many different casino games and this is their first and most popular version of a roulette simulator. This game is played much like any other roulette sim. Once you have downloaded and installed the app you simply boot it up and start to play. The user interface demands that you determine a wager amount and also choose your spin number and your spin color- red or black. Once you have done this you press the spin button and watch as the ball gets dropped and hope that it comes out on your side. The themes present in the game are very reminiscent of old time casino gaming- think diamonds, gold, and smoky rooms filled with cowboys.

Roulette Real Casino-style Details

This app is what is known in the industry as a freemium game. All of the features that you could want to play are available for free but in order to access them you may have to work at it. The other option that you have as a player with freemium games is to deposit money into the app store to make in app purchases. These purchases will expand the functionality of the game and make things much easier on you when you play. The in game purchases are also nice for when you run out of the coins that you bet with. There are many different ways to earn these coins- betting, paying for more, or inviting people to play. This is about as good as it gets for pristine and exciting roulette sims in this industry. Even if you aren't familiar with the developer you should try it out.


  • Nice graphics and sounds
  • Easy-to-use design and layout


  • Unlocking features requires work
  • Difficulty playing on smaller screens


Popularity - 7.8
Stability - 7.5
Entertainment - 8
Graphics - 7.3
Audio - 7.3