Roulette Richie App

Roulette Richie Casino App Review

The Roulette Richie app is the premiere roulette game currently on the app store. Play the game of roulette on the go while learning real strategies that can be used in any casino. The Roulette Richie app is developed by Fook Wah Chow and comes packed with a lot of gameplay features and designs.

App Features

Like the real game of roulette Roulette Richie features a table where players can place a bet and spin the wheel. After bets are placed the wheel will spin revealing the numbers won. The number the ball lands on is easy to see in the center of the wheel.

Roulette Richie
The game also features visuals of the roulette table, as well, the game offers many alternate roulette table styles. Each new table offers a completely new look to the original and all other table unlocks. Roulette Richie also boasts music and sound effects too. The music offers a relaxing mood to help keep the player engaged while playing. The sound effects are also top notch and offer the feel of a casino environment without the casino.

Learn real strategies for playing the real thing. That's right, Roulette Richie also offers players strategies that can be used at real casinos. No expensive books or videos instead players will learn as they play.

Players that are worried about never having played roulette never fear as Roulette Richie offers a detailed how to guide. While playing the game also offers a help section that can be accessed at anytime. Never get stuck wondering what to do again.

More Game Detail

Best of all the game is always free with absolutely no advertisements. There are however in-game purchases for in-game currency. Players that wish to not buy the in-game currency can gain new coins every hour. Finally, for those that like to compete with their friends players can login with Facebook to share scores. Don't let all of those accomplishments in-game go to waste instead share them with friends.

The developer has already updated the games five times with new features. With the latest update offering brand new levels, which is excellent for returning players. Raise the stakes with the brand new 1 million chip.


  • Game is ad-free
  • Simple and exciting gameplay


  • Playing diffculty on small screens
  • Subpar graphics


Popularity - 8.3
Stability - 8
Entertainment - 8.7
Graphics - 6.5
Audio - 6.5