Roulette Royale

Introduction To Roulette Royale By Mywavia Studios

Almost every single roulette game that I have ever downloaded promises of providing the player with the opportunity of being able to play either the American or the European way but this is never true when you decide to switch from one gaming mode to the other. I was always stuck with the option that I had to restart the game all over before my settings will take effect. This has always been a very bad and unpleasant feeling for me. However, Roulette Royale is the only mobile gaming app that I can confidently vouch for that switching between the American and the European playing modes is as simple as slicing through butter. You do not need to log out and restart the game all over again in order to do the switching. The switching is always done in the Settings area and they take effect right after clicking the Ok button.

Roulette Royale

This game comes with a very surreal experience of being present in a live casino room around a roulette table with people taking part in a variety of different games. I always feel like l am inside any of those casinos in Las Vegas but sometimes the feeling is totally different when I set it to the European mode. For what it is worth the game is just out of this world and it will take some work from other developers to really get to the level that Mywavia Studios has taken Roulette Royale.

Features of Roulette Royale

With such a game, the first feature that I will talk of is that it is free of charge. This is the kind of game that I have been waiting for over a very long period of time now. Unlike a lot of games in the system which comes with that unpleasant feature of making in-app purchases which all tend to get stolen just as soon as you buy them, Roulette Royale does not come with such a feature and so you do not need to buy anything in order to keep on enjoying the game.

This is also the only roulette gaming app that provides players with a simple and easy way of shifting between the American and European modes even when in the middle of a game without having to restart the whole game all over again.

It also comes with its own unique and mesmerising Leaderboard which makes it possible for a player to be able to look at his or her standings in comparison to other players in his or her country and also to compare your rating to all players around the world which helps you to know how you are performing.

Roulette Royale Overall

This game has it all and therefore deserves the 5-star rating that I have given it as I get provided with such a truly genuine feeling of excitement whenever I play it.

On the other hand, the game also makes it possible for me to experience how it is to sit around a live casino table in any of the casino rooms in Las Vegas.


  • Good customer service
  • American and European formats


  • A lot of ads


Popularity - 7.5
Stability - 7.8
Entertainment - 7.8
Graphics - 7.4
Audio - 7.4