Introduction To Roulettist By Kamagames

I have not been a great fan of roulette games as the difficulty involved with regards to all those technical terms. Almost all the roulette games that I have played succeeded in achieving one thing and that is to totally make me lose interest in all such apps. It was therefore by chance that I came across the Roulettist by KamaGames and I do not even know what it was that drove me to download it but I will always remain grateful for downloading it.


With levels for every experience level of a player, I was able to straight away become a master of the tables with the level that I chose and in doing so I started gaining a lot of useful insights into how the game is played on the highest level. This game is therefore like an educative platform for me as it helps in equipping me with all the tips that I need to know in order to really battle it out with the professionals.

With the instructions that I got from the first time that I logged in, I was making a name for myself the next day on games like the American, French and European Roulettes. I never ever for once thought that the game of roulette could be made so simple for even a novice like me to understand but that is precisely what Roulettist by KamaGames just did and I will forever cherish this game.

The mere fact that I have always been a novice when it comes to roulette does not mean that I have not been trying to learn how to play them. However, the experience level that most games begin at is always just way above me until I came across what I call the best of the best ‘Roulettist’.

Features of Roulettist

Roulettist comes with its own unique and state-of-the-art features which help in ensuring that whoever gets to play it realises how much fun it is to have on your mobile device. Some of the features are so mind boggling that mere words will never be enough to explain them and so one will need to experience it just like I did. However, those features that can be put into words include;

It provides you with a graphics that are absolutely out of this world.

Its social networking feature allows you to chat with other players live when they log in to their accounts. This means that you do not have to always play your game all alone. I was even able to make some friends on the second day of playing the Roulettist by making use of this great social feature.

The gaming atmosphere is also one of the liveliest that I have ever encountered whilst playing a roulette game.

Roulettist Overall

This game is very exciting to play as it provides you with the possibility of playing with your pals. It is also very interactive and boasts of one of the best design systems. However, the earnings are as you would have guessed, not real and so cannot be used in the real world.

An overall performance rating of nothing less than 5 stars is what I will give this awesome game.


  • Fun chat feature
  • Integration with Pokerist winnings


  • No statistics tracking


Popularity - 7.4
Stability - 7.7
Entertainment - 7.9
Graphics - 8.2
Audio - 8