Slingo Supreme

Introduction to Slingo Supreme by Funkitron

For more than 15 years, Slingo is one of the most popular and best rated paid games for smartphones and other similar devices. For only 0.99 USD, you can get a game with 16 powerups and you can play it an unlimited amount of time. Also, unlike some so called free games where you have to buy more and more coins or other features if you want to play, here you won't have any extra costs.  Today, besides the Slingo, you can have one of the best versions of this game on your iOS devices as Slingo Supreme.

If you are not familiar with this game, you should know that Slingo is a very interesting and fun combination of Slots and Bingo. As you play, you will be able to unlock different powerups and built your own version of the Slingo. There are over 16,000 ways to combine all 12 powerups, and each combination will give a totally unique playing experience.

Slingo Supreme

Features of Slingo Supreme

If you have an iPod, iPad or iPhone with the iOS 4.3 or newer, you can play a great new and improved version of the Slingo Supreme. Before you start playing, there are some things you should know.

All the coins you earn can be used only for further playing. If you find playing the same game over and over again boring, this game will give you the chance to play a new challenge every day.

This game is known for its great sounds and graphics, and the latest iOS devices version brought this features to the completely new level. If you want more coins to purchase power-ups or other features and you are not ready to earn them playing, you can buy them right away for a small amount of money.

However, that is not obligatory and you can play this game unlimited without any extra paying. Basically; you may play it anytime and any place you want to, as long as you have some free time.


Slingo Supreme Overall

For the last 15 years, Slingo has been proven as one of the best and most popular smartphone apps in its category. The combination of the Slots and Bingo presented in this game is addictive and fun, and Slingo Supreme, the latest version created specifically for the iOS devices brings this game to the completely new level.

First class graphics and sounds will make your experience even better, different power-ups will give you the chance to create new levels and become the best player ever. This game works on iOS 4.3 or later and once you download it, you can play it anywhere and anytime. There is no need to pay anything once you bought a game, but if you want more coins than you have, you can buy them. When we put all those features together, no doubt that, if you buy this game, you will get an interesting, funny, addictive and appealing game. Be prepared to spend hours playing this game, earning new power-ups and creating unique and exciting levels.


  • Awesome customer support
  • Customized daily challenges
  • Many different gaming options


  • Difficulty transferring accounts
  • Need to set up a multiple account per device

Great Game

Popularity - 8.4
Stability - 8
Entertainment - 8.7
Graphics - 8
Audio - 8