Slot Machine

Slot Machine: Free Slots & Casino

Slot Machine on the free slots app is a worldwide sensation. It is played internationally by over 15 million gamers. For the past three years it has been considered the #1 slot game internationally and is currently #3 among all U.S. online gambling games. It also currently boasts several different betlines and on option of six different casino games. All of the games share two things in common: 1.) Players will compete against other players for the top position in online tournaments and multiplayer mode. There are 10,000,000 plus players worldwide against which to compete. 2.) All of the games are complete with a Progressive Super Jackpot. This jackpot begins at 3600 chips.There is always a chance for increase in every aspect of the games on the free slots app. Every day that a player plays, he or she is automatically awarded free rewards. You can redeem these rewards for gifts from such places as Nike, Beats by Dre, Amazon, and Sony. Plus, while playing, players get extra coins every 60 seconds. You also have a chance a chance to increase the progressive jackpot, to double it! In all, players have a whole lot of money they can make.

Slot Machine

To keep track of everything, Slot Machine has a newly updated Statistics which keeps track of all the player’s achievements, bonuses, and scores. Slot Machine makers are all about choice. The player is even provided with an option of three different styles of soundtrack: Classic, Casino, or Music. And it is a line that is definitely continually being improved. Aspostek Software cares what its players think. In fact, what they think deeply influences their tweaks and updates. Players can communicate and state their opinions about the games via Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

There should absolutely be no worries about further improvements on this already world class slot game. In the end, players will surely be convinced that Aspostek Software will do whatever is necessary to insure that their players are content. And if a player is in a hurry about a certain improvement, just let them know and they will get right on it.


  • Good way to learn the games
  • Free app
  • Excellent customer service


  • Play money only
  • Recent bug fixes
  • In app purchases, but not required


Popularity - 9.5
Stability - 8.7
Entertainment - 9.2
Graphics - 9
Audio - 8.9