Slots Casino Party

Introduction To Slots Casino Party By Xi Chen

To talk about casino games developed for mobile devices, one first needs to have played any of those games. The sad thing is that, these days people who do not even know what a particular game is about are writing reviews. This has been the mean reason why most of us have always ended up downloading very crappy casino games due to the fact that we are always misled by those bogus reviews. I have been a victim to this on numerous occasions but all changed the moment I downloaded the Slots Casino Party.

Slots Casino Party

I have never had the chance of entering any of the casinos in Las Vegas but looking at how the Slots Casino Party portrays everything, I really want to have a go at a point in time. This has been my perfect casino study app.

It comes with a whole variety of different titles for each of the wheels and each of these wheels also do come with their own betting experiences. With some classic names like Aladdin and the Knight for their wheels, the experience of playing this game is just a step further than all the others that I have ever played.

I was really taken aback by the real sight of spinning the wheel and the sounds and intricate lighting makes the experience one that will forever stay in my mind. The quality sound and lighting effects really became obvious when I won my coins.

Features of Slots Casino Party

Almost every casino game comes with some form of features but none of those games along with their features can be compared to the features of this entertaining Slots Casino Party which was developed by Xi Chen and is being redistributed by Ferdinand Godspeed.

This game comes with a variety of slot machines with different but exciting spinning experiences and winnings. This is not something that you are bound to find on most of the casino gaming apps.

Whilst most of these casino gaming apps do come with very little in winnings, this one does give the best win percentage of any game that I have ever downloaded.

The Slots Casino Party also comes with another great feature which is to dash you with free coins after spending some few hours online. To be precise, after every two hours of staying online, you are presented with free coins which can then be used to prolong your game time on the wheels.

The Slots Casino Party also provides each and every player with the opportunity of having free spins on any of the slot machines in order to stand the chance to win more coins.

Slots Party Casino Overall

The Slots Casino Party is really one heck of an exciting game and the fun level is unparalleled.

It is also a game with quality graphics and well enhanced animations which adds to making everything so real and lively. However, the winnings are just not real and can’t be used outside.

On the whole, 5 stars for this game is just what it deserves.


  • Recent bug fixes
  • Awesome graphics


  • Cant share coins with others
  • Some small bugs


Popularity - 7.5
Stability - 7.8
Entertainment - 7.9
Graphics - 8.4
Audio - 7.6