Slots Iceberg

Introduction To Slots Iceberg By Ford Wang

Slots Iceberg is really a game that gives a whole new definition to all slot gaming apps. When you log in to this game for the first time ever, the mere sight of its authentic and high definition picture quality is something that is going to take the breath out of your lungs for real. This is not your ordinary everyday slot gaming app as it is so exciting and fun to play.

The idea that almost all slot machines do have the same symbols was totally debunked by the Slots Iceberg as it introduces a lot of symbols with a variety of reels. The fun that is associated with going with any of the reels is completely awesome and classic. Hitting the jackpot on the slot machine has never been so real and exciting.

Slots Iceberg

With slot machines like the Iceberg Bonanza, the High Roller and many other fantastic games, the Slots Iceberg has all the fun, excitement, suspense and every other thing that is associated with real slot machine games in a casino building inside Las Vegas.

It is up to you to work your way up in whatever realm you decide to play. This means that you are not restricted to just a single playing area but rather a number of multiple playing themes which gives you the opportunity to break away from that monotonous themes present in other similar games.

Features of Slots Iceberg

Having played the Slots Iceberg game personally has really enlightened and also given me the chance to experience first-hand the unique features that were promised by the game developers.

Slots Iceberg is one of the casino gaming apps with the best payout systems.

The idea of always struggling when you first download a slot gaming app does not prevail when it comes to playing on the Slots Iceberg. As a new player, you are given guidelines as to what you should and should not do. This means that you do not have to worry about getting disgraced on your first play time. This means that there is no beginner or expert when it comes to playing on the Slots Iceberg.

Another exciting feature with the Slots Iceberg is that you are able to multiply your winnings by two or even by four. This is one sure way to increase your earnings in Slots Iceberg.

It also comes with a BlackJack feature which allows you to invite your pals on facebook and play with them in order to gain more points.

With games like Texas Hold’em Poker, BlackJack and Bingo, you cannot comprehend the fun that you are provided by downloading the Slots Iceberg gaming app.

Slots Iceberg Overall

There are always free points to be won with Slots Iceberg on a daily basis.

The Slots Iceberg is most importantly free to download which means that you do not have to pay for anything before you will be able to download it.

It has a very user friendly interface with crisp and quality graphics and sounds.

It brings the feeling of a real casino room right to you at wherever you might find yourself. However, there is no feature to allow you spin the wheels with a swipe on the reels.

In general, the Slots Iceberg is a very unique and exciting game to have around and I am glad to say that I will give it 5 stars on the rating scale.


  • Additional content added
  • Fun graphics
  • Various themes and games


  • Tough to reach customer support
  • New bug fixes and updates


Popularity - 7.3
Stability - 7.8
Entertainment - 8.2
Graphics - 8.1
Audio - 7.6