Slots Planet

Slots Planet — Free Addictive Video Slots

Slots Planet — Free Addictive Video Slots has been developed by Ola Games, has been designed with new characters together with the normal bug fixes. The game focuses of a journey where players are able to explore several locations across the planet. A player can become a master by travelling from one wonderful place to another.

Slots Planet

App Features

It is an amazing game with series of bonuses not found in any other game. The game is aimed at exploring new locations as players travel to different destinations. It is possible to download and install this free slots app on your device if it has all features required. A player can manipulate a slot using charms to slow, move, pause or freeze the outcome of a specific roll and include it in the next roll. The game has some strategies to be applied unlike other games.

More Game Description

The game is played in an organized and amazing planet-style like environment. The rolls made by players are directed to their experience points. Hitting higher levels implies that a player has more cool locations to explore and access in order to play the slots. The game has lots of mini-games and bonuses where players are encouraged to continue. It is possible to get double the rolls or even nothing depending on the luck and fortune of a player.

It is an addictive free slots app from Apple Store. A player will trick almighty reels to give more slots using charms. This feature is unique because a player will control his fate during the journey. The game is extremely addictive because is built on fun platform. When a player is progressing on to explore new locations, the rolls and background will keep on changing. It is a great fun to watch these features while playing free slots app in any online casino. For players that have all time to bet, this is the place for them to be. They can play their games and be assured of hefty rewards in terms pay outs. They can win free bonuses to increase their chances of winning great prizes.


  • Fun bonuses and free coins
  • Multiple slot games available
  • Unlock secret locations


  • Play money only
  • Unrealistic odds
  • Pop-up ads


Popularity - 7.7
Stability - 7.9
Entertainment - 8.1
Graphics - 7.8
Audio - 7.6