Slots Social Casino

Introduction To Slots Social Casino By Playport

The Slots Social Casino game app is just one awesome gaming app to hit the world of casino games. With its all new 3D feature, every player is provided with a very interactive gaming experience like never seen before. This game has what it takes to make you feel part of the game that you are playing.

Whether you decide to try your hands on the slot machines or you want to try out on the poker side, you are bound to get all the thrill and fun that you can ever find in any casino gaming app. Their 3D feature is something that makes other similar games look so ordinary and boring to play.

Slots Social Casino

Casino games have really made a huge impact in the gaming world but what Slots Social Casino does is to take the whole aspect of playing a simulated casino game to a level like never experienced before. The way you are allowed to become a part of the game you are playing by this Slots Social Casino is just something that will take biggest unbeliever by surprise. It just feels like you are in a Las Vegas casino and enjoying yourself.

The best part of playing any of the numerous casino games provided by this Slots Social Casino is the ability for each and every player to link up with others on a number of social media apps. Playing any of the games gives you the chance to hook up with other gamers from all over the world and with the ability to log in using even your facebook account, the incidence of losing your logging in details is just non-existent.

The gaming experience provided by it is as real as you can ever get when you deal with real people in a real casino gaming room.

Features of the Slots Social Casino

The unique features of the Slots Social Casino can only be realised when you decide to play the games that they have on offer for each and everyone.

The 3D gaming feature tops all the other features as it ushers you into a gaming world where you become an active part of whatever goes on.

There are also over thirty peerless games on this Slots Social Casino which you can play free of charge without having to upgrade to any level or purchase anything.

There is also another feature on it which allows you to view your rank in terms of your friends, country or the world as a whole.

There are a number of bonus chips each and every two hours coupled with others like follower bonuses and daily bonuses.

Another peerless feature is that it has the all new social messaging button which makes it possible to message other players online.



Slots Social Casino Overall

This is a total revamping of all casino gaming apps and provides you with all that you need when it comes to upping the level of experience when playing such games. With its features like 3D and the social messaging tab, casino games have never been any better.

The downside of this game is that apart from it not being able to run properly on devices without an iOS of 6.0 above, you are also expected to make certain in-app purchases in order to extend game time.

To rate the Slots Social Casino based on everything, I will give it 5 stars for a good work done.


  • New games added regularly
  • Fun and addictive game play


  • Small bug fixes
  • Winning takes dedication and patience


Popularity - 7.2
Stability - 7.8
Entertainment - 8