Slots Tycoon

Slots Tycoon is a free slots app with a fantastic Vegas theme. Slots Tycoon brings the Vegas- style slots machine to the mobile device for countless hours of slots machine fun. This app can be played on any ipad or iphone. Slots Tycoon has a very retro, and high- end theme to it that really screams Vegas! This app is one of the best slot machine games available for download on iTunes.

Slots Tycoon also has amazing high definition that makes the sounds, and visual displays of the app look and sound outstanding. It doesn't take someone with an outstanding amount of luck to spin on Slots Tycoon. The chances of winning big is big! Slots Tycoon is developed by the company Game Center. Game Center is a franchise that specializes in making adult gambling games in addition to young- teen kids games that can be played on the computer, or available for download.

Slots Tycoon

Everyone has some luck to give Slots Tycoon a spin to possibly win big. Slots Tycoon is a very entertaining Vegas style app, and has various bonus games to win jackpots, and constantly collect bountiful fortunes. By playing more often level up to unlock amazing new slot machines, greater maximum bets, and additional betting lines. There are a variety of machines to choose from such as the retro style Lucky Diner machine, carousel Dragon's New Year machine, relaxing Tropical Bounty machine, musical Moonlight Masquerade machine, and much much more to choose from!

There are also many amazing features such as high definition, and wild slots on every machine. Also, there are loose machines to win jackpots and collect big; download new content; send and receive gifts from friends; hold down the slot buttons for constant spinning; and advertising videos or completing offers. As well as receiving free coins from the regular lobby bonuses. Slots Tycoon is a free slots app available for download on iTunes. There are in- app purchases that can be purchased with real money such as coin roll, coin box, deluxe coin box, and the bonus doubler. Simply one spin and win big!


  • Lots of bonus and free coin chances
  • Great graphics
  • Free app


  • Pop up ads required for bonuses
  • Play money only

Great Game

Popularity - 8.6
Stability - 8.2
Entertainment - 8.4
Graphics - 8.6
Audio - 8.6