Slots Vacation


Slots Vacation is another high-quality offering from Scopely. While they may only have a handful of apps out in the market today, the graphics and gameplay are very well done and keep players interested for quite a while. Scopely has also done a great job with the overall integration of the game with Facebook, tablets, and tournament play.

Slots Vacation App for Android

Five to Ten Million people have downloaded and installed this game. While you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, it is hard not to take notice of a giant number like that. There are millions of players around the world to play against and test your skills. Like many other slot styled games on the market today, Slots Vacation offers dozens of slot games in one application with many still being added regularly, so there is plenty of variety for players to choose from.

This app also offers some of the largest payouts in the market today. Slots Vacation has a Billion Coin Giveaway each week and gives players the added excitement of becoming a Billionaire! On top of that, there are also free coin giveaways each day with hourly and daily prizes to help you build your stack.

There are also huge daily live tournaments to play against new friends online and see how you stack up to competition around the world, which is another awesome feature. While there are a lot of games out there that are just for fun, this one adds a new level of competition for players to enjoy.

While Slots Vacation claims to offer “the biggest payouts on mobile” there are a couple of other ways to get into the action. Developers have optimized the game for mobile and tablet performance, but have also enabled linking through players’ Facebook accounts, a great way to track your progress and keep other players updated.

One of the best things about Slots Vacation is the fact that they offer so many slot games. It’s hard to get bored when you constantly have to change your strategy for success and keep a close eye out for new games and players. The graphics are super high quality with vibrant colors and entertaining sounds. As expected, each of the machines has different wild and bonus options and it is fun to see what new and different features each of the slot games offer. There are tons of options for game styles, payout lines, themes, bonuses, and tournament play, making Slots Vacation one of the best slots games on the market today.


  • Huge Tournaments
  • Nice Graphics
  • Facebook integration


  • Recent update issues
  • Unlocking some machines takes a lot of gameplay
  • Needs some bug fixes


Popularity - 4
Stability - 3.8
Entertainment - 2.9
Graphics - 4.1
Sound - 5.2

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  1. First comment! Love this app, but it is very difficult to unlock several of the games.

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