So Many Monsters Review

So Many Monsters Slot Review

Introducing So Many Monsters, an interesting five-reel twenty five payline video pokie that you can play from only 25 paylines a spin up to a surprising 100 euro a spin. This game was developed by Microgaming along with other two pokie games which are identical in use but differ in theme and graphics. (So Much Sushi and So Much Candy).

Microgaming offers innovative quality graphics and entertaining play quality. So Many Monsters is more appealing than other pokie games because it has sassy charming characters – keep an eye out for RavtonStein, Frogmosher, Baxtee, Eyez, and Squideye.

So Many Monsters Free Pokie

Features of So Many Monsters

So Many Monsters has features like 25 steady paylines and 5 reels. The primary symbols are the monsters itself and can be recognized by their color such as red, purple, green, and blue. The lower values are J,Q,K,A and 10 accordingly. It also has a wild symbol that embodies the So Many Monsters logo scattered by an eyeball symbol.

To start off the play, there are 5 lines and 25 reels. You have a maximum bet of $500. There are also more chances of winning because it includes different combos to turn up. The values of coins ranges from 0.01 to 1.00 and this contains euros, pounds, and dollars. This feature is going to excite you no matter what currency you are using because there are exciting bonus rounds.

If you get three or more identical monster winning combinations, you will unlock the Many More Monsters Bonus component. If luck is destined for you, it is possible to create a 25 symbol combination which will pay your stake 640 times. Free spins are attained by scattered eyeball symbols if you get 3 to 5 anywhere in the view. It is important to pay attention because choosing more spins can decrease your winning potential.

You can also open a path to an extreme jackpot by placing 20 coins for bet each line. The jackpot is within the range of 300,000+ coins. This odd may be hard to achieve, but if you hit it, you may somehow see your life changing for the better.

So Many Monsters Overall

Microgaming did a fantastic job especially with the quality play and attractive graphics. This game is suitable and very accessible for all casino gamers. Playing this game is not really bad because you will not suffer from eyestrain. Overall, it is not really an exceptional video pokie, but it is actually a good one. The game lacks the potential to win with high variance which most gamers would like to have.

If you try out this awesome video pokie, it will really satisfy you. As long as fantastic graphics and quality play go, this is a hard video pokie to top. If this game does not disappoint you, you can also try other featured Microgaming video pokie games and see the surprising prize potential.


  • Good-looking symbols and characters
  • Free spins and bonuses
  • Great graphics and playing quality
  • A well-entertaining game


  • Low potential of winning
  • Low variance
  • Not really outstanding


Graphics - 10
Audio - 10
Gameplay - 10
Volatility - 10