Steam Punk Heroes Review

Steam Punk Heroes Pokie by Microgaming

The Steam Punk Heroes Online Slots Game is an excellent game for lovers of online pokies. It does have a few different features that are sure to make anyone who is a fan of the genre smile. The steampunk feature is nice, although it doesn't go over the top with the steampunk design. In fact, most people who play the game might get more of a traditional fantasy element out of it more than anything else. So, for that, it is important to keep the style in mind. Of course, it does come from Microgaming, so anyone familiar with their style of design shouldn't have any problem starting up with the game and it does have the basic feel of most of the company’s different games, so it is pretty easy to get into.

Steam Punk Heroes Pokie

Features of Steam Punk Heroes

The Steam Punk Heroes Online Sots Game uses the basic five reel, 25 pay line style. It has a betting range of one cent per line up to $50 for a max bet. For someone who is looking to bring home a massive payout, this is not going to be the game as the max bet really isn't all that large. Due to this, the maximum jackpot is $4,000, or a 20,000 max coin jackpot. There are other games from the company that features a 200,000 max coin jackpot, so for someone who wants to win large amounts of money and who is always looking for a large max bet, this isn't the game for them, but it is a fun one to play for anyone else who doesn't necessarily need a large max bet. There is no progressive jackpot with the Steam Punk Heroes Online Sots Game, but for anyone who is familiar with Microgaming platforms, this is of no surprise. There is also no bonus game, although it has just about everything else someone might want. It features a wild symbol, multiplier, a scatter symbol and free spins available as well.

Steam Punk Heroes Overall

The Steam Punk Heroes Online Sots Game is a great game to play for those who like the Microgaming style of pokies and has been looking for something that gives a different feel and style to the game. It features all sorts of different design features and everything a player needs is right at their fingertips. The “Spin” option is right in the lower, right hand corner of the screen and is easy to select. It is also easy to adjust the number of lines betting on, the max bet and the number of coins bet. This way, a player doesn't need to fumble around in order to bet on the Steam Punk Heroes Online Sots Game. Now, it doesn't have a bonus game or a progressive jackpot, but it more than makes up for this with the fact that it has a wild, multiple, scatter and free spins. This way, it increases the chance to winning without betting much. This is always a nice feature to take advantage of and to really get into, especially without betting much at all.


  • Easy to follow gameplay
  • Features wild symbol, multiplier, scatter and free spins
  • 1 penny entry bet for those looking to play for fun


  • Low maximum jackpot
  • Low max bet
  • No bonus game


Graphics - 8
Audio - 8
Gameplay - 6
Volatility - 6