Sultan’s Casino

Introduction to Sultan's Casino


It is acknowledged that the Sultan's Casino app is top rated in the industry because of its unique graphics and amazing sound effects. It is also known to offer players quality interface, and a Vegas style setting that makes gaming quite entertaining as well as adventurous. This 8-in-1 package was created by the Playtinum Software-And-Multimedia Private Limited, bringing all the elements of professionalism to the online casino industry.  Needless to say, this app has some of the most lucrative bonuses that any player can enjoy irrespective of whether he is highly skilled in the game or not. As a matter of fact, the simple to follow instructions make this app a favorite of beginners. If you take advantage of the features of this app you will definitely enjoy gaming on this particular platform for a very long period.

Sultans Casino

Features of Sultan's Casino


This app offers variety of games, including poker video games (charles or Better, Deucess wild, Double-double bonus, and the ever popular double bonus). It is with such variety that you can always play your favorite video poker game all day long without tiring. Additionally, you can always play Baccarat and determine your skill level irrespective of whether you are professional, amateur, or just a new  player.


The Sultan's Casino offers players chance to play high quality slot machines with exceptional interface and amazing sound effects. You can go for the 5-reel 25-lines game, play the 3-ree-5 lines, or opyt for the 3-reel classic slot machine. It all depends on your experience, like and preference on type of machine that you would love to use.


This app offers opportunity to easily navigate between one game to the next, and if you have a balance then definitely you will be able to carry over. It does not need to have rocket-science kind of knowledge for you to enjoy any game of your choice. Generally, the instructions of each particular genre of games are clearly outlined.


If you are a player that prefers to mute sound while playing, then the on/off feauture will do you good. If you want to enjoy even more, you can always target to get the bonuses mini games. It is indisputable that these kinds of bonuses can help you improve on techniques enabling you win tournaments of your choice. In fact, it lays down solid foundation for those who desire to be professional gamblers in future.


It is easy to determine pay lines as this are showcased by animated features. This is always a plus for those who do not want to waste time figuring out things to do with pay lines and bonuses. The return percentage is quite realistic, and so you should never worry when playing for money.


Sultan's Casino Overall


This game can be downloaded at a price of $0.99 and has a total size of 12MB. This is always being a plus for persons that have limited space in their mobile devices. The best thing is that you can play on several platforms that are compatible with the latest technologies, and some of these are; iPad, iPhone, iPod, and others that fall in the same range. If you have been thinking of killing time, learning new gaming strategies, and being exposed to popular games, then make Sultan's Casino your top choice.  The better part is that this game is offered in English, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese, and also Turkish.


  • Multiple games in one app
  • Great way to learn new games


  • Paid app
  • No social media integration


Popularity - 7.8
Stability - 7.8
Entertainment - 8.1
Graphics - 8
Audio - 7.9