Texas Holdem Free Poker

Introduction of Texas Holdem Free Poker


There are quite a number of reasons why Texas Holdem Free Poker is a great app for all kind of players. First off, this is the kind of gaming app that offers exceptional entertainment. It makes it possible to experience the value of online gaming because of Vegas style setting. Additionally, it incorporates high quality graphics as one of the main features and an amazing sound effect that makes the game quite intuitive. If you have been looking for opportunity to showcase your poker skills and also try new strategies, then definitely this app will fulfill your needs without any problem at all. Importantly, this Othernet, LLC creation uses great visuals making the game more intuitive. In a nut shell, not only will you enjoy entertainment but you’ll also sharpen your skills.

Texas Holdem Free Poker

Features of Texas Holdem Free Poker


It is acknowledged that the best app have high quality graphics used in all the games in any given package. In this case, the creators of this app went ahead to ensure that nothing is lefty to chance in regard to graphics used. The Texas Holdem Free Poker features great graphics and amazing sounds.  For this reason, the quality of the games is greatly enhanced. In other words, the setting makes the game more intuitive.


The game is definitely beginner friendly because of the simple and straight forward instructions. It does not matter when you were introduced to poker games, but this app will simply blow you away. If you are a newbie, it will not take long for you to learn more about strategies and improve your gaming skills.


The better part of this app is that it is slick and offers players fast game play. There are also many different levels of play with varying difficulty, and so this is how you can quickly develop better strategies. You should note that the higher levels have more difficulty stakes, but are worthy your time if you are professional or want to go professional.


If you are looking for an intuitive game that you can always enjoy at all times, see to it that you choose Texas Holdem Free Poker. The high quality animations used make the game not only entertaining, but more engaging for all players. It's because of this feature that newbies find this app quite interesting, and it also suits those who do not want to compromise on quality of games they play.


It contains advanced AI and you can play against competitive computer opponents at any time. The fact that it is compatible with some of the latest mobile devices is always a plus as you can play while on the go.  Last but not least, it’s offline and so no network issues and you can enjoy your game wherever you are. It's simply the better option available.


Texas Holdem Free Poker Overall


It is important to note that this gaming app does not only have advanced AI, but comes with the benefits associated with great graphics and sounds. It has simple instructions and this means you can always learn to play without any problems. If you are looking for exceptional gaming apps that integrate latest gaming technologies, Texas Holdem Free Poker is the right choice. It was last updated on the 1st of July 2015 and has English as the main language.


  • No internet connection needed
  • Recent updates
  • Great for beginners


  • No tournament play
  • No social media integration


Popularity - 7.3
Stability - 7.6
Entertainment - 8.1
Graphics - 7.9
Audio - 7.7