The Lost Princess Anastasia Review

The Lost Princess Anastasia Pokie by Microgaming

The Lost Princess Anastasia Online Video Slots Game is a game that takes advantage of the extremely popular Frozen movie. While not a direct Frozen spinoff, it uses the historical Anastasia name and combines it with the cartoon element of the popular Frozen cartoon to bring a bright and fun little game for anyone who likes pokies. Now, this game might be a bit to cartoonish for some to get into, but for others who like this style, it is a great and rather fun game to play. It is from Microgaming, one of the largest online pokies designers in the world. So, for anyone who has ever played an online pokies game by them before, there should be no learning curve at all. In fact, it shares many of the same basic features as other games from Microgaming. It just comes down to what someone is looking for and what sort of game is going to be right for them.

The Lost Princess Anastasia Pokie

Features of The Lost Princess Anastasia

The The Lost Princess Anastasia Online Video Slots Game is a standard five reel, 25 pay line gaming opportunity. It does have a rather nice betting size, ranging from a penny per bet all the way up to $20 per play line. It is not the highest possible bet per pay line, but with 25 pay lines, it is possible to bet a full $500 if the max bet is played on every pay line. So, this should be kept in mind while playing the game. As for the bonus and additional features, it does have a wild symbol, which increases the chance of winning, as does the scatter symbol. However, there is no progressive jackpot or bonus game. Microgaming doesn't produce many games that do have a progressive jackpot, so this isn't of much of a surprise to anyone familiar with the company. During the gameplay, it has an autoplay option, so someone who is playing the The Lost Princess Anastasia Online Video Slots Game simply as many times as they can, or who needs to step away from the game, they can simply set up the number of times the game is played without them clicking the “Spin” button for it. During gameplay there is a lack of multipliers, which is something many people do like, but it offers free spins when landing the scatter symbols, and this often is the best part of an online game.

The Lost Princess Anastasia Overall

All in all, it really comes down to the imagery of gaming someone needs to consider when playing the The Lost Princess Anastasia Online Video Slots Game. It has a very fun, whimsical feel to it, which might just be what someone is looking for. Now, it doesn't have the progressive jackpot or bonus game, but the scatter symbol with will symbol is a nice feature, plus it comes with free spins, which often makes up for the lack of a bonus game. It doesn't have a multiplier turned on during the free spins, which some other games from the company does have, but for the most part, this is an easy game to simply pick up and start playing.


  • Easy to follow gameplay for beginners
  • Has Wild and Scatter symbols for increased winnings
  • Wide betting size


  • No bonus game or progressive jackpot
  • Jackpot isn't huge


Graphics - 8
Audio - 8
Gameplay - 8
Volatility - 6