The Spin Lab Review

The Spin Lab Pokie Review

It’s not often that a game takes the cake as the Spin Lab does but this online slots game is certainly entertaining. This is a fast paced slots game that really keeps players engaged. The Spin Lab certainly does have a very scientific feel to it with DNA stands, letters, numbers, and atom elements on your spinners. This game is based on your typical slots game with betting options and the possibility to win on several lines. This is a great game for those that like slots that are simple to play, simple to understand, and that have visual elements that are interesting and overall fun to look at. This is a very fun casino app overall.

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Features of The Spin Lab

Players can enter the spin lab as a bonus round and in the lab you can choose features from each row that will change the overall game play. After you enter the lab and choose your power ups or extra features you are returned to normal game play and the spinner continues until your added bonuses are played out. You get 10 free games from the bonus round that allow you to win some serious extra coins. The bonuses allow you to choose things like stacked wilds and more which can mean a great deal of extra coins. The bonus round can change each time that you get access to the lab depending on what extras you choose and what combinations you are playing with. This means that you can play a great deal of different versions of this game depending on what you finally choose.

More Game Detail

This version of the game is not going to be played for real money but is still a great game to kill time and do something that is fun and easy to play for a long time. The game is set in what appears to be an actual lab setting with futuristic sounds as well. This is a very well thought out game that is engaging and beautifully made. You can make multiple line bets and you can win more with wild cards and multiple ways to win. This is certainly a great casino app that allows you the chance to really spend time playing and learning what it has to offer. There are three rows with five reels that can result in a great deal of combinations depending on how your spin lands. You can also have a better chance at winning if you do gain access to the spin lab and to the bonus rounds and bonus spins that are available overall.


  • Great visuals and audio
  • Superb gameplay
  • Wide range of betting options


  • No progressive jackpot
  • Lower return from bets

Great Game

Graphics - 8
Audio - 8
Gameplay - 9
Volatility - 7