Toki Time Review

Toki Time Pokie by Thunderkick

The theme for this game is on a planet with different colored creatures. The sky is continually turning in slow motion with the colors of the rainbow. When the sun is in the east it is a big round yellow ball with rays that smiles and when it hits the west it becomes a crescent moon that goes to sleep. The reels have the creatures staked three deep over five craters, which spit out a swirl of color with each spin as the icons go streaming up and down. Toki Time by Thunderkick has the animation moving in all directions. For example, there are flowers which dance as well as mushrooms bouncing up and down. The little creatures are blinking their eyes. Players also can hear the icons cooing and purring. The music is a cute little up tempo tune.

Toki Time Pic

Bonus Features of Toki Time

Players will find a bevy of bonus spins and re-spin with Toki Time by Thunderkick. There are two expanded wilds, which consist of a white and a purple lamb. When either one lands on reels two or four, those reels freeze in place while the others spin until there are no more winnings. Players can win in either direction, which is calculated at left to right and vice versa.

When a player wins the bonus round, the two wild lamb icons become animated and turn colors with each level of multipliers added. This also begins with wild spins of colors and feather flying from the game icons. The screen becomes a blur of action and color as the payout is calculated. The winning amount is splashed on the middle of the screen in either white or yellow numbers.

More Game Details

The games characters are creatures with different colors. For example, there is a purple, red, green, blue and yellow creature with faces. In addition, there are symbols such a star and cloud with faces as well. There are five reels with three layers of icons. There are fifteen levels for players to bet on this eleven pay lines game. The pay lines are fixed. No progressive jackpot option exists for this game.


  • Great cartoon graphics
  • Unique and exciting gameplay
  • Rewarding features


  • Low payout frequency
  • No progressive jackpot

Great Game

Graphics - 8
Audio - 8
Gameplay - 9
Volatility - 7