Video Poker with Double Up

Introduction to Video Poker with Double Up by Borisgames

If you have any Android device and you are looking for some game to play when you have some free time, there is plenty of possibilities available. You can choose many games in various genres, and if you decide to download some video card game, Video Poker with Double Up is a good choice. This is a classic video poker game Jacks or Better with a Double Up possibility. It looks like a classic video poker game you can play in casinos and other locations such as betting. The only difference is that you don't have to spend money if you choose this game. Of course, you can't earn money as well since you can't exchange coins you earned in a game for the real money.

Video Poker with Double Up

Features of Video Poker with Double Up


Video Poker with Double Up is a free game for Android devices. It requires only a small amount of space in your memory, so you will download it in just a few minutes. It means that, if you decide to play this game, in just a few moments you will have it on your mobile phone or tablet and you will be able to play it whenever you want to and wherever you are. There is no need to spend any money since the game is free and if you spend all coins, you will get new coins from time to time. Replenishment balance will give you an opportunity to get new coins when you ran out of the old ones and you can get other great bonuses. This game has several interesting features, such as single player and multiplayer possibility. It also has a players rating list where you can compare your achievements with other players. If you want to get to know other players better, you can chat with them through the game. No doubt that if you like this kind of game, you are going to like Video Poker with Double Up. It has many interesting features which will enhance your playing experience.


Video Poker with Double Up Overall


Video Poker with Double Up is an excellent game for all casino games lovers. It is based on a classic video poker game. If you decide to download it, you won't have to invest much time or money in it. It will take just a few minutes and some memory space to download and than you may enjoy in hours of fun and entertainment. You can play it when you have time, no matter are you at the comfort of your home, waiting in some line or you have a break at work. Unlike the real video poker, you won't have to spend money to play it, but you won't earn money as well.

Make sure you have plenty of time when you start playing because there is a big chance you won't even notice how much time passed since you started playing.


  • True to odds
  • Simple to understand
  • Good time killer game


  • Very basic
  • Some graphic issues
  • Loud sounds

Great Game

Popularity - 8.1
Stability - 8.3
Entertainment - 8.8
Graphics - 7.5
Audio - 7.2