Wicked Mafia Mob Mania

Introduction to Wicked Mafia Mob Mania


This is one of the most entertaining games that you can go for irrespective of whether you are a professional gamer or just beginning to explore online gaming. Generally, it has a setting that even the newbie will always fall in love with from the word go. If you like facing the gangsters and eliminating your enemies one by one in games, then this app by Launch Technology Group is for you. It comes with great graphics too, and actually, this is what makes it even more entertaining. The wicked mafia mob mania slot games come with fun music, but the most important thing is that it offers you real Vegas-style opportunity to explore slot games. Above all, your odds will always remain high and so just download the app and start playing.

Wicked Mafia Mob Mania


Features of the App


There are a number of features that Wicked Mafia Mob Mania offers to players, of which make it a great choice for persons of different age groups. Top of the list is that you can actually play it for free, and for this reason you do not have to worry about anything to do with money.  Nevertheless, do not mistake the free download to be a sign of poor quality. In fact, you will be surprised that everything is designed to meet the professional needs of players. It is based on this reason that you can actually enjoy every single game you choose to play.


This game comes with great graphics that any professional gamer will always be entertained making you play for long periods without making you feel bored. And for the new player, the graphics will make the game more enjoyable. The sounds are another thing that makes Wicked Mafia stand up head and shoulder high. The crisp sound of games is what you will enjoy at all times, and more it’s what offers you the opportunity to enjoy Real-Vegas style games.


It is equally important to note that this app is designed to meet the latest technologies involved in both the iPad and iPhone (has been optimized for iPhone 5). It has only one version, use English as main language, and it's 6.9MB in size. If you have been thinking of a game that will blow you away from the beginning to the end, then Wicked Mafia Mob Mania offer you this benefit.


Wicked Mafia Mob Mania Overall


This is one of the best games that you can go for if you really love playing slots. If you are a newbie, it offers you opportunity to explore real Vegas style games. It has great graphic designs that make the game more enjoyable and crisp sound that will make even the newbie enjoy every single moment of the game. If you are looking to play competitive, here is where you can begin. Furthermore, the game has simple and pretty straight forward rules that individual players are supposed to follow. If you are the kind of person that likes eliminating gangsters in games, this game will make you have a great time.


  • Constant odds
  • Fun slots gameplay


  • No social media integration
  • No leaderboard tracking


Popularity - 7.3
Stability - 7.8
Entertainment - 7.7
Graphics - 7.5
Audio - 7.5