Zynga Poker Review

ZYNGA POKER – App Review

Zynga Poker is “the largest poker site in the world” according to ESPN, and with 50,000,000 installations this app really is something to behold. The graphics are beautiful, gameplay is great, and players can tell that the developers at Zynga have focused a lot of time and energy into keeping this game in the number one spot.

Zynga Poker App Android

Zynga Poker app playable on Android devices

When it comes to free online poker, Zynga has apparently thought of everything. The graphics are super rich, with sophisticated animations unique to this app. The lobby is intuitive and gets you to your favorite table faster by actually knowing how you like to play, and the controls are optimized for your fingers.

There are 4 ways to play the game: Texas Hold Em, Jump Poker (faster poker without wait times), Sit N Go Tournaments, or a Shootout Tournament. And there is no shortage of players for you to play against – there are millions playing at any given time.

One of the nice things about this game is that despite it being for “play money” the majority of online players take a serious approach when sitting down at the tables. When this is the case, it is an extremely useful practice tool where at one time poker “lessons” were generally very expensive and ended with your real money chips in front on someone else.

Zynga Poker also lets you add your own avatar picture and tracks your preferences so that you actually feel like you are entering a virtual casino rather than just pushing buttons on a screen. There is a real sense of community with this game. There is also a constantly updated leaderboard so you can track your progress against some of the best players in the world.

Zynga Poker is also RNG (Random Number Generator) Certified for Fair Hand Dealing and claims to have some of the fairest hands possible given modern algorithms. On top of that, there are options to win up to 3,000,000 free chips daily playing Lucky Bonus Slots, and added feature of the site. Bonuses are a great way to build your stack to compete in the higher levels of the game. Players will also receive 60,000 free chips when they download the game to get started.

This app is nearly perfect. The well-established community only adds to the overall enjoyment. It may sound cheezy, but it really does feel like you are at a real table playing with your friends. Sure there are going to be bad beats and all of that, but that’s Poker! Additional safety features ensure players can play safely. This one is a must have for any poker player regardless of skill level.


  • Huge Online Community
  • Secure and RNG Certified
  • Great Tournaments


  • Can’t play for real money
  • Age limit restrictions for younger players
  • Hold Em is the only available style of poker


Popularity - 9.5
Stability - 8.3
Entertainment - 10
Graphics - 10
Audio - 9