Virtual Horse Racing 3D Lite

Introduction to Virtual Horse Racing 3D Lite by Natenai Ariyatrakool


There is nothing that can boost your adrenalin like a good horse race. The atmosphere, sounds, smells and everything that happens makes you feel like nothing else. Horses and jockeys on a display, searching after their statistics to see which one has the best chance for winning, betting and the race itself will make you feel the thrill and excitement. However, you can't visit hippodrome every day and when you feel like you would like too, but you don't have time, or something else stops you, Virtual Horse Racing 3D Lite is the second best option. This game will give most of the features you may find on a real horse racing in the comfort of your home. What can you do with this game? What makes it so special and interesting?

Virtual Horse Racing 3D

Features of Virtual Horse Racing 3D Lite


Virtual Horse Racing 3D Lite is a game for all iOS devices.  The first version of this game was released in 2009., and the latest version has great new features, levels, worlds, better graphic and sound and, in general, possibility for a much more fun. No matter are you new in this type of the game or you are an experienced player, this game will give you a chance to enter the world you will hardly enter in a real life. All you need to do is to step inside, and hours of the unlimited fun are guaranteed.


What makes this game special is a real-time 3D graphic and virtual 3D sound system, which will help you feel like you are on the real tracking ground. There is up to 8 players per race and plenty of features which may help you to become as good as you can in this game. The betting process is very simple and to make an easier decision, you can have a preview of all the horses and jockeys before betting. Horse details have the unique ability and that gives all the characters their personality. You can check your racing and betting history, winning calculations are done in a real time and if you want to, you can rerun a race in a slow motion. All these features make this game really fun to play and there is no doubt you can spend hours with this game, checking horses, calculating odds and betting. The fact it is made for the iOS devices makes it portable, and you can play in wherever and whenever you want to.


Virtual Horse Racing 3D Lite Overall


This is one of the best real-life simulation games you can find on the market. All the horse racing lovers, as well as all the lovers of the real-life simulation, will enjoy playing this game. There is no need to look after the nearest horse racing event to enjoy it. All you have to do is to take your device, download this game and start playing. No matter are we talking about the excellent graphic and sound, betting and the real-time calculation of the odds or checking the horses and jockeys, along with their previous statistics to maximize chances of winning, playing this game might be a real fun that will keep you with your iPhones and other iOS devices for hours. So, make sure that you have a plenty of time available when you start playing this game, or you may end in a serious delay with your real-life jobs.


  • Realistic Virtual Betting
  • Exciting Racing Action


  • Pop up ads
  • Limited Competition


Popularity - 7
Stability - 6.8
Entertainment - 8.3
Graphics - 8.2
Audio - 8